Senior Memory Support

What Does Senior Memory Support Entail?

Memory care living may be referred to as Alzheimer's or dementia care. This provides constant care and housing for individuals with Alzheimer’s disease or some type of dementia. This facility provides a safe space and senior memory support for those who have or are losing their memory. This facility focuses on the quality of life, reduction of confusion, and prevents wandering of the individual. Memory care living will meet all the needs of the individual.

Services included in senior memory support are specialized staff with expertise in understanding the needs of those who are suffering from dementia. This staff offers therapy to enhance memory, a safe environment, and care around the clock. In addition to specialized services, these communities offer meals, housekeeping, and assistance with everyday activities, such as bathing, grooming, and dressing. For those that are losing their memory and may have a tendency to wander, safety is critical, but it is not the only important need.

It is important that individuals in these communities maintain their cognitive skills for as long as possible. They want to maintain their sense of self, dignity, and quality of life. The staff at a memory care facility takes these aspects of living very seriously. These facilities have locked entrances to ensure those who wander remain safe. They usually have keypads, hidden exits, and other methods to alert when a door is opened. These facilities offer therapy to help calm the residents who may become agitated easily. This helps to reduce their confusion and limit aggressive behavior. Some facilities have landscaped grounds or gardens to allow residents to walk outside and not feel stuck. They offer color-coding on walls to help the residents from feeling lost or confused. These communities offer music therapy, art therapy, and pet therapy.