Senior Assisted Living

What is Senior Assisted Living?

As people age, they lose many things and independence is one of the hardest things to lose. With senior living and senior assisted living, it is possible for seniors to maintain some independence while being surrounded by those that can help them as needed. Many seniors would like to stay in their own houses, but many times that is not possible.

While senior living and senior assisted living may have some differences, the intent remains the same. The residents in either place are provided the support they need to allow them to live as independently as possible. This level of care differs for each individual. They are able to receive care that is personalized to them while being able to do what they can for themselves. In some cases, this means they need transportation services and housekeeping but can handle all other personal grooming activities. Some seniors need meals and laundry done for them, or perhaps just would like it to be done for them. In other cases, seniors may need help dressing and grooming. Each individual is assessed to determine their specific needs and a plan is created. There is staff available all hours of the day and night to ensure safety, support, and care. In many senior living communities, services change as the individuals' needs change. When someone enters the community, they can handle most needs for themselves but as they age, this ability decreases. As their own ability decreases, the services at the community increase to meet the individual at their point of need. The individual is also surrounded by a community of people with the same interests, activity level, and ideas, so they can create friendships and relationships.