Independent Living Community

What is an Independent Living Community?

An independent living community is one where the residents live independently in a community that has a residential setting and feel to it. These communities often have luxury accommodations in an apartment or villa type of home. They live privately but can engage in a community lifestyle. An independent living community allows a senior to live a hassle-free lifestyle. A senior home care facility offers services to enable the individual to continue to live independently as long as possible. These services can address needs such as home maintenance, meal prep, and housekeeping needs. In addition to those needs being met so the individual no longer has to worry about those maintenance concerns, there are other amenities.

Senior home care includes activities and opportunities for healthy aging. These include fitness classes, education opportunities, travel, and other classes and groups. There is an opportunity to make friends and build relationships. There are many benefits to this type of living for a senior. It decreases their chances of isolating themselves socially. These communities are all-inclusive, so there is one bill to pay. The individual does not have to worry about remembering to pay other bills and risk late or missed payments. They have 24-hour safety and security giving them and their families peace of mind. If more assistance is needed, it is always available.